Z Cader

A high-school student and a part-time teacher at Sakeenah Institute(an Islamic Institute based in Sri Lanka.

I work towards serving the community and making this world a better place.A volunteer in service.I devote myself to make an environmental friendly planet.

An Ibad-Allah,An escapist,A wordsmith,A petrichor,A Thoreauvian,A verse-maker,An upcoming Author,A bibliophile,A moulder of young hearts,A student of knowledge in Psychology, Enviornmental Management and Commerce Subjects. An aeipathy to learn about religions.

An Ambivert with the skills of a life manager, I am a dendrophile therfore it has lead me to be a peripatetic. Majime in my work but sports has never been my cup of tea.

Read my series of books in Wattpad and Webnovel: A CAKE-WALK by bloomlife.

I have to Thank My Lord (All praise is to him).
My silent supporters/well wishers for their un-noticed love and support.
Team Sakeenah Institute because they have motivated me in ways that they wouldn’t know.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my teachers and mentors for guiding me always.

Dedicated to: Parents,Grandparents, Siblings,Nieces and Nephew,Brothers-in-law,Cousins and friends for their utmost love.

“Happiness lies within you,In how you look at your life”

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Special Mentions: Mr and Mrs Jay Shetty, Mr.Mohammed Zeyara, Ms.Pradaini Surva and Ms.Aysha AR.
(To those who are no more,I hope that I meet you in the eternal world,Rest in Peace)

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