Ms.Z Cader

A high school student and A part time teacher in an Islamic institute residing at Sri Lanka.

I would dedicate my whole life to see people smile and live a better life.
Living a life you wish is upto you to select but Live an Environmental friendly life!

A milkshake lover,A dreamer, A petrichor lover and a Thoreauvian. A motivational writer and an upcoming Author. Bloom Life has given me different experiences. I have to thank my Lord, family and friends for all the guidance. My Silent supporters and Well wishers. Comment on the posts you like.

Mama, Daddy, Mummy, Grandpa, Aishy and Amy, Ibraheem and Sawda, Uzi, Inhaj Nana, Niku and Purple and My brother in laws. A warm thanks to Team Sakeenah.

“Happiness lies within you,In how you look at life”

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I dream that one day I sit amongst you to have a talk over coffee. Mr and Mrs Jay Shetty, Mr and Mrs Mohammed Zeyara, Ms Pradaini Surva and Ms.Aysha AR.